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The Story of Halau Hula O Maiki
by Rita Ariyoshi


Maiki Aiu has been called
"The Mother of the Hawaiian Renaissance."

Hula is Life encompasses her story, the history of Halau Hula O Maiki, the hula school she established, and, most importantly, how her vital legacy continues to be shared with the world today.

Maiki Aiu studied with the foremost hula masters of her time and went on to found what is now the oldest formally organized hula school in Hawai'i.wMany of the acclaimed hula teachers of today studied with Maiki Aiu, and graduated from her school.

This book was written over a period of three years.WDuring this time, several of the kupuna interviewed passed away.wTheir insights on life in the Islands and the Hawaiian culture they practiced have enriched the book considerably.

Where possible, Maiki Aiu's writings from her diary, notes from a book she had planned to write herself, speeches she had made, and instructions she left behind, are included in this book.wMany aspects of hula training, especially in the ancient way, have never before been available in print.

A collection of legends concerning the origins of hula trace the way of the dance to its earliest roots.

The themes running throughout the book reflect the spiritual view of life that Maiki Aiu embodied.wThey are love, reconcilliation and continuity.

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