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The Story of Halau Hula O Maiki
by Rita Ariyoshi


Author: Rita Ariyoshi
Editor: Lee Puakeala Mann
Publisher: Maiki Aiu Building Corp.
Hard Cover
131 Pages

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Introduction By
Rubellite Kawena Johnson

Why is a woman like Maiki Aiu Lake, about whom this story has been written, remembered with such love?wShe was a performer of the hula, and there are many hula dancers.wShe was a teacher of the hula, and there are many schools and teachers.wWhy is Maiki still special?

Throughout the pages of this book, the narrative of her life, or rather, the commitment of her life to the art of hula, is the recollection of why. Maiki left a legacy of the place of the halau in the imparting of the whole art and tradition of learning the hula.wThe place of beginning to learn is not on the dance floor but before the altar, where the offerings are put in place, and where the student comes into the presence of spiritual love and power.

This is the remarkable story of Maiki's life, and how she came through so much sorrow to impart so much joy to others.wNot only in her words, but most of all through what others say here, are we reminded of how special her legacy has become to all who know and learn to dance the hula.wThis is why hula is life.

The meaning of Maiki's life is perhaps more fully appreciated now that she has departed this world, but fortunately, she passed her legacy on to her daughter Coline, through whom her particular quality cotinues in halau.

Wherever Maiki's spirit may now serenely be, surely she must know that he, who may chance to read about her life in these pages, as well as those who, in fact, lived it with her day by day, may not forget her for all the ways in which she enriched their lives

Rubellite Kawena Johnson
Emerita Professor of Hawiian Studies
University of Hawaii
Department of Indo-Pacific Languages, Retired.

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